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Comparable Workshops/Conferences:

WOPR is a peer workshop – not a class or a conference. The testing conferences most like WOPR are CAST, the Conference for the Association of Software Testing and Let’s Test.

Other peer workshops in software testing include:
WTST: The Workshop on Teaching Software Testing
WREST: The Workshop on Regulated Software Testing
WHET: The Workshop on Heuristics and Exploratory Techniques
STiFS: Software Testing in Financial Services
TWST: The Toronto Workshop on Software Testing
LEWT: The London Exploratory Workshop on Testing
POST: Calgary Perspectives on Software Testing Workshop
AWTA: Austin Workshop on Test Automation
KWST: Kiwi Workshop on Software Testing
OZWST: Australian Workshop on Software Testing
DEWT: Dutch Exploratory Workshop on Testing
SWET: Swedish Workshop on Exploratory Testing
GATE: German Agile Testing and Exploratory Workshop
WHOSE: Workshop on Self-Education in Software Testing

We would be happy to add any other LAWST-inspired testing workshops to this list. Peer workshops are appearing more and more rapidly.

CMG (Computer Measurement Group) conducts conferences for performance measurement, but these are not test-centric – the pragmatic issues facing testers are rarely addressed. ISSRE is an annual IEEE conference on software reliability engineering which may be too theoretical for many testers.

About Context Driven Testing

WOPR is greatly influenced by the Context-Driven School of Testing.

While many of the people involved with WOPR strongly identify with and advocate for CDT, WOPR welcomes a variety of viewpoints. Healthy skepticism of process engineering and metrics should be expected.

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