WOPR is a series of peer workshops for performance engineers & testers, operations planners, development managers, and related professionals. In these workshops, working practitioners share their experiences, which are used to ignite facilitated group discussion.

WOPR’s primary focus is on evaluating system performance and reliability. This includes performance measurement, load and stress testing, scalability testing, reliability measurement and evaluation, and system and product certification.

Participants work with a wide variety of software, hardware, and embedded technologies across many contexts, including large Internet businesses, embedded device manufacturers, telecom providers, small startups, energy companies, banking/finance/trading, the military, and large-scale, critical ERP and LOB systems. As we compare our experiences from different contexts, we find commonalities and boundaries in our models, practices, and thinking.

WOPR is organized by a small team of highly experienced practitioners in performance and reliability testing.

More information can be found on our About WOPR page.

Invitations to WOPR Conferences

We limit the size of each WOPR conference to 20-25 seats, based on the facility, theme, and participants. WOPR conferences are often oversubscribed. We are not able to invite everyone that applies.

We try to give every serious inquirer a chance to attend, and we reserve a few seats for newcomers who have a passion for the field.

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