WOPR10 was held in New York City on May 1-3, 2008, and was hosted by Google. Scott Barber and Rob Sabourin were the Content Owners.


Yinka Alaran, Goranka Bjedov, Andre Bondi, Scott Barber, Ross Collard, Dan Downing, Leonid Grinshpan, Dawn Haynes, Julian Harty, Andy Hohenner, Paul Holland, Rhonda Johnson, Yury Makedonov, Jude McQuaid, Raymond Rivest, Roland Stens, Gustavo Vázquez, Nick Wolf

Theme: How can we teach performance testing?

Every aspect of performance testing from problem awareness to systematic modeling, performance testing experiments, result analysis to problem reporting and getting the darn system actually working involves a rich an complex set of interrelated skills coupled with a blend of detailed technical knowledge and rich context sensitivity.  What are these skills?  How can we teach them?

WOPR10 will explore the topic of teaching performance testing with seasoned professionals and expert performance testers as well as teachers and instructional designers.

Questions we are interested in exploring at WOPR10 include:

Can we identify training approaches that are effective?

Can we identify training approahces that are ineffective?

Can we come up with a way to appraise the value of testing and focus training objectives on things that matter?

What technical, business and testing skills are pre-requisite to learning performance testing?

How can we help to mold and shape the next generation?

What is the essence of teaching performance testing?

How can we access the success of learning?

Can we get new performance testers to demonstrate skills?

What about learning skills?

What about teaching skills?

Can we get ideas from other domains?

WOPR10 will give working practitioners (testers, teachers and consultants) a chance to examine, discuss and brainstorm these questions.

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