WOPR24 Call for Proposals (CFP)

The Content Owner, Andreas Grabner, along with the WOPR Organizers invites you to submit your proposal for WOPR24.

WOPR24 is sponsored by BlazeMeter.


Production: Where Performance Really Matters

Production is where performance matters most, as it directly impacts our end users and ultimately decides whether our software will be successful or not. Efforts to create test conditions and environments exactly like Production will always fall short; nothing compares to production!

Modern Application Performance Management (APM) solutions are capturing every transaction, all the time. Detailed monitoring has become a standard operations practice – but is it making an impact in the product development cycle? How can we find actionable information with these tools, and communicate our findings to development and testing? How might they improve our testing?

For WOPR24, we are asking for your Experience Reports on how you have conducted performance engineering in production. We are interested in your successful but also failed attempts to extend performance engineering into production and closer to the end user. We want to learn more about who owns production monitoring, which metrics are collected, how they are reported, which tools are used, and how this impacts the next iteration of software. Here are some additional questions that we want to discuss:

  • Do you test in production? Exclusively?
  • What are some of your practices, including methods for avoiding interference with your regular production workload during your tests?
  • How do you measure and assign costs to the negative impact of Performance in Production?
  • Who owns performance monitoring in production? What are “must have” KPIs to capture? How do you leverage production metrics in other areas than for performance? Are they interesting for business? For operations?
  • Do you see Performance Monitoring and RUM(Real User Monitoring)/UEM(User Experience Management) as separate tasks or are they considered as one discipline? Do we need RUM from the End Users Device (Desktop, Mobile Browser, Mobile Native App) or is it enough to monitor performance from our web and app servers? Might Synthetic Availability and Response Time Monitoring be sufficient, so we don’t need RUM at all?
  • How do you deal with 3rd parties? Do you trust your SLAs with them or do you need to monitor and test them on our own?
  • Do you monitor “traditional” applications, e.g: POS Systems, Back Office Rich Client Apps, Accounting Systems, ERP…at large, modern scales?
  • Can a web analytics solutions such as Google Analytics provide the data needed for proper performance management? What information is it lacking?

Conference Location and Dates

WOPR24 will be hosted by BlazeMeter in Mountain View, California, on October 22-24, 2015. The traditional Pre-WOPR Dinner will take place on Wednesday, October 21.

If you would like to attend WOPR24, please submit your application soon. We will begin sending invitations shortly after Monday, August 17th.

About WOPR

WOPR is a peer workshop for practitioners to share experiences in system performance and reliability, allow people interested in these topics to network with their peers, and to help build a community of professionals with common interests. WOPR is not vendor-centric, consultant-centric, or end user-centric, but strives to accommodate a mix of viewpoints and experiences. We are looking for people who are interested in system performance, reliability, testing, and quality assurance.

To learn more about WOPR, visit our About page, connect at LinkedIn and Facebook, or follow @WOPR_Workshop.


WOPR is not-for-profit. We do ask WOPR participants to help us offset expenses. The expense-sharing amount for WOPR24 is $300 USD. If you are invited to the workshop, you will be asked to pay the expense-sharing fee to indicate acceptance of your invitation.

Applying for WOPR

WOPR conferences are invitation-only and sometimes over-subscribed. For WOPR24, we plan to limit attendance to 18 people. We usually have more applications and presentations than can fit into the workshop; not everyone who submits a presentation will be invited to WOPR, and not everyone invited to WOPR will be asked to present.

Our selection criteria are weighted heavily towards practitioners, and interesting ideas expressed in WOPR applications. We welcome anyone with relevant experiences or interests. We reserve seats to identify and support promising up-and-comers. Please apply, and see what happens.

The WOPR organizers will select presentations, and invitees will be notified by email according to the above dates. You can apply for WOPR24 here.


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  1. I am interested to participate and contribute in Performance testing and engineering workshops

    1. Hello Munisekhar, Great to hear from you. If you sign up for our mailing list, you will receive announcements of future WOPRS before anyone else.

      We are still putting together our plan for WOPR24, but we expect WOPR will be in October, probably in the Bay Area. We will announce the location and dates in a couple of months.

      Eric Proegler

  2. I’mm am also interested in attending and contributing. Thanks!

  3. I would like to attend the WOPR 2014 but may or may not have time to submit a presentation until after October 8 due to budgetary season at work, requiring lots of time and attention. Please let me know what the options are. Thank you in advance

  4. Hi Rada, you do not have to present an experience report to attend WOPR. For most people, it would increase your chance of being accepted. I think you should apply, and if you can prepare an experience report for WOPR in October, even better!

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