Here is a listing of all the WOPRs thus far.

WOPR NumberThemeContent OwnerDatesLocation Host
WOPR1Forming Trustworthy ConclusionsScott Barber, Ross Collard and Dave JewellOctober 2-4, 2003New York
WOPR2Where and how performance testing made a difference (or failed to make an anticipated difference)April 15-17, 2004Palo Alto
WOPR3Experiences with Performance Testing ToolsSeptember 8-10, 2004Chicago
WOPR4Testing Systems for RobustnessApril 2005San Diego
WOPR5Experiences in High Availability TestingRob SabourinOctober 6-8, 2005Ottawa
WOPR6Evolving Perceptions of Performance TestingRoss CollardApril, 2006Mountain View
WOPR7Agile Performance TestingJulian Harty and Antony Marcano October 12-14, 2006Exeter, England
WOPR8Critical Incidents in Effective Performance TestingRob SabourinApril 12-14, 2008Boston
WOPR9Pushing the boundaries of performance testing tools, or when the performance test tool won't let you do…September 27-29, 2007Redmond
WOPR10How can we teach performance testing?Scott Barber and Rob SabourinMay 1-3, 2008New York
WOPR11Reliability… what can we do?Jude McQuaid and Mike PearlOctober 23-25, 2008San Diego
WOPR12Resource Monitoring During Performance TestingDan DowningApril 16-18, 2009Indianapolis
WOPR13Performance Rules of ThumbEric ProeglerOctober 15-17, 2009Portland
WOPR14Reliability HeuristicsJames BachApril 22-24, 2010Montreal
WOPR15Building Performance Test Scenarios with a Context-Driven ApproachMike BonarOctober 28-30, 2010San Jose
WOPR16The Intersection of Performance and Functional TestingGreg McNellyApril 28-30, 2011Cleveland
WOPR17Finding BottlenecksRichard LeekeOctober 20-22, 2011Cupertino
WOPR18Combining Data, Analysis, and Context to Create InformationJude McQuaidMay 10-12, 2012Denver
WOPR19Performance FailuresRob SabourinSeptember 27-29, 2012Palo Alto
WOPR20The Leading Edge of Performance and ReliabilityRoss CollardMay 14-16, 2013New Yorks
WOPR21Technical Debt and its Impact on Performance and Reliability TestingMais Tawfik AshkarOctober 17-19, 2013San Francisco
WOPR22Early Performance TestingEric ProeglerMay 21-23, 2014Malmö
WOPR23Performance EscalationMark TomlinsonOctober 16-18, 2014Boston
WOPR24Production: Where Performance Really MattersAndreas GrabnerOctober 22-24, 2015Mountain ViewBlazeMeterLogo
WOPR25Performance Tools for 2017 (and beyond)Richard LeekeFebruary 15-17, 2017WellingtonWildStraitLogo260x100_1
WOPR26Cognitive Biases in Performance TestingTim KoopmansMarch 5-7, 2018MelbourneFlood_io_Logo
WOPR27How Production Data, Logging, and Analytics are Used in Performance and ReliabilityJulian HartyOctober 24-26, 2018New York
WOPR28Automated Performance TestingHenrik RexedMay 29-31, 2019MarseilleNeoLoad_Logo
WOPR29Iterative Performance TestingAndy HohennerDecember 6-8, 2022Montevideo

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