WOPR 1-10

The first ten WOPRs ran from 2003-2008.

Ross Collard and Scott Barber founded WOPR, including Dave Jewell in the first WOPR Announcement. Rob Sabourin and Roland Stens helped organize WOPRs during this period.

Paul Holland established himself as the pre-eminent LAWST-Inspired Workshop facilitator at WOPR3 (taking over from James Bach), and has been the primary facilitator at every WOPR until WOPR23. He has been the lead facilitator at many conferences and workshops, has trained many other facilitators, and has established the highly effective methods for facilitating the workshop we still use today.

Nick Wolfe served as the FU (Facilitator Understudy) at multiple WOPRs during this period.

WOPR NumberThemeContent OwnerDatesLocation Host
WOPR1Forming Trustworthy ConclusionsScott Barber, Ross Collard and Dave JewellOctober 2-4, 2003New York City
WOPR2Where and how performance testing made a difference (or failed to make an anticipated difference)April 15-17, 2004Palo Alto
WOPR3Experiences with Performance Testing ToolsSeptember 8-10, 2004Chicago
WOPR4Testing Systems for RobustnessApril 2005San Diego
WOPR5Experiences in High Availability TestingRob SabourinOctober 6-8, 2005Ottawa
WOPR6Evolving Perceptions of Performance TestingRoss CollardApril, 2006Mountain View
WOPR7Agile Performance TestingJulian Harty and Antony Marcano October 12-14, 2006Exeter, England
WOPR8Critical Incidents in Effective Performance TestingRob SabourinApril 12-14, 2008Boston
WOPR9Pushing the boundaries of performance testing tools, or when the performance test tool won't let you do…September 27-29, 2007Redmond
WOPR10How can we teach performance testing?Scott Barber and Rob SabourinMay 1-3, 2008New York City

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