WOPR3 was held in Chicago on September 8-10, 2004.


Henri Amistadi, Ross Collard, Ed Glas, Julian Harty, Dawn Haynes, Paul Holland, Sean Hull, Chris Johnson, Karen Johnson, Cem Kaner, Michael Kelly, Richard Leeke, Antony Marcano, John McConda, Brett Pettichord, Eric Proegler, Rob Sabourin, Bob Sklar, Roland Stens

Theme: Experiences with Performance Testing Tools

The primary though not exclusive focus of WOPR3 is on experience reports from working practitioners on their use of tools for performance testing. The scope is broad and includes:

(1) the use of both commercially available load testing tools and homebrew tools

(2) developing tools and test automation frameworks as well as using them

(3) using and/or creating load generation or monitoring tool

(4) the automated testing of a variety of systems, including web sites and services, client/server apps, databases, networks, mainframes, wireless and embedded devices.

Please note, there is no place for marketing or tutorials at WOPR.  Also remember that the audience will be asking detailed questions about your experience and typically expect to see actual data.

Sample Good Topics:
–         How and why I extended tool X to handle unsupported situation Y.

–         How I supplement tool X with batch scripts to improve the accuracy of workload simulations

–         When my tool failed me and why.

–         My head to head comparison of Commercial tool X and OpenSource tool Y from use with client Z.

Sample Poor Topics:
–         Why I love tool X and you should too.

–         A product demo of my homemade resource monitoring tool that I hope someone will buy from me someday.

–         Why I hate tool/tool vendor X and you should too.

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