Hosting WOPR

WOPR can exist because host organizations provide us with meeting facilities and meals.

In return, we provide 2-3 workshop seats, publicity, and sometimes, training/workshops for the host organization. Depending on the meeting room and interest, we have allowed non-participating observers.

We hold at least one North American WOPR annually. We will hold a second WOPR when there is interest and hosting, and these could be anywhere in the world.

We select host organizations based on the city’s travel experience, the host’s meeting facilities, multi-year geographical cycles, and other factors. There are a variety of reasons why a host may not be a good choice for a particular WOPR.

If you would consider hosting WOPR, we’d love to discuss it with you.

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  1. Hi,

    My name is Venkatesh, I live in Melbourne, Australia. I came across WOPR while going through James Bach’s resources page. I am pretty active in Agile space in Australia. I am part of a larger group hosting conferences and Agile workshops across Australia. I would be interested to see how can we collaborate and get WOPR to Australia.


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