WOPR 11-20

The second ten WOPRs ran from 2008-2013.

Ross Collard continued to serve as lead organizer, with Roland Stens. He recruited Paul Holland, Dan Downing, Jude McQuaid, and Eric Proegler to round out the organizing body.

Eric took over as project manager shortly after. Greg McNelly became an organizer, and then the project manager. The responsibility passed back to Eric shortly after.

Andy Hohenner, Mais Tawfik, and John Meza were asked to join as organizers.

Paul Holland continued to serve as the facilitator and constant for WOPR. Nick Wolfe, Eric Proegler, Dan Downing, Simon Schrivjer, and Raymond Rivest served as FU’s (Facilitator Understudies) during this period.

WOPR NumberThemeContent OwnerDatesLocation Host
WOPR11Reliability… what can we do?Jude McQuaid and Mike PearlOctober 23-25, 2008San Diego
WOPR12Resource Monitoring During Performance TestingDan DowningApril 16-18, 2009Indianapolis
WOPR13Performance Rules of ThumbEric ProeglerOctober 15-17, 2009Portland
WOPR14Reliability HeuristicsJames BachApril 22-24, 2010Montreal
WOPR15Building Performance Test Scenarios with a Context-Driven ApproachMike BonarOctober 28-30, 2010San Jose
WOPR16The Intersection of Performance and Functional TestingGreg McNellyApril 28-30, 2011Cleveland
WOPR17Finding BottlenecksRichard LeekeOctober 20-22, 2011Cupertino
WOPR18Combining Data, Analysis, and Context to Create InformationJude McQuaidMay 10-12, 2012Denver
WOPR19Performance FailuresRob SabourinSeptember 27-29, 2012Palo Alto
WOPR20The Leading Edge of Performance and ReliabilityRoss CollardMay 14-16, 2013New York City

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