Papers and Presentations

Here are some of the papers and presentations created for WOPRs. If there is something that should be on this page – or shouldn’t – please let us know.

Theme | TitlePresenterHost | Employer
WOPR29 - Iterative Performance TestingAbstracta, Montevideo
Gustavo Ma┼żeikis
WOPR21 - Technical Debt and its Impact on Performance and Reliability TestingSalesforce, San Francisco
Artifacts_Annecdotes_and_Ancient_ArchitectureDan DowningMentora
WOPR19 - Performance FailuresFacebook, Palo Alto
Performance-Related FailuresJohn MezaESRI
WOPR18 - Combining Data, Analysis, and Context to Create InformationPearson Education, Denver
Chasing Tornadoes: Data Visualisation and Analysis during Performance TroubleshootingNeil DaviesEquinox Limited, NZ
WOPR16 - The Intersection of Performance and Functional Testing
Progressive Insurance, Cleveland
From Functional to Performance...The easy way...Raymond RivestCRIM
Functional Testing with LoadLiang PengSony Entertainment
WOPR15 - Building Performance Test Scenarios with a Context-Driven ApproacheBay, San Jose
Customer-Focused TestingPaul Holland
Field Guides for TestingGreg McNellyProgressive Insurance
Performance Testing, Modeling and Piloting -- All At Once!Dave JewellIBM
WOPR14 - Reliability HeuristicsCRIM, Montreal
Fault Density Prediction ExperimentsGreg PopeLawrence Livermore National Labs
Testing a Complex Database MigrationGreg McNellyProgressive Insurance
WOPR13 - Heuristics of Performance TestingWebMD, Portland
Rule 1: Apply the Fundamentals; Rule 2: See Rule 1Dan DowningMentora
WOPR12 - Resource Monitoring During Performance TestingMobius Labs, Indianapolis
Resource Monitoring During Performance Testing: A layered approach to metricsRaymond RivestCRIM
WOPR11 - Reliability: What Can We Do?Intuit, San Diego
3 Examples of Reliability TestingDan DowningMentora
Verifying Software RobustnessRoss Collard
Reliability Testing: Kill the Server!Eric ProeglerHyland Software
WOPR9 - Pushing the Boundaries of Performance Testing ToolsMicrosoft, Redmond
Load Testing a 3-Channel Messaging ApplicationDan DowningMentora
Pushing the Limits of Testing ToolsRichard LeekeEquinox
Tool Boundaries Avoided: Context for Choosing Custom ToolsEric ProeglerHyland Software
WOPR8 - Critical Incidents in Performance TestingMITRE, Boston
Critical Incidents in Performance Testing: How Not To Get SuedDan DowningMentora
The Impact of Rare Data CasesRichard LeekeEquinox
WOPR6 - Paradigm Shifts in Performance Testing -- Evolution or Revolution?Google, Mountain View
Does One Approach Fit All?Alex PodelkoOracle
What is Specific in Load Testing?Alex PodelkoOracle
Monitoring of the Web ServersJulian HartyGoogle
Performance Testing Threaded LibrariesLinda HammSAS
WOPR5 - High AvailabilityAlcatel-Lucent, Ottawa
Fundamentals of Performance TestingRoss Collard
Performance Testing Case Study, Part 1: Developing the Test StrategyRoss Collard
The QA/Testing Perspective on Software SecurityJulian Harty
WOPR4 - Reliability and RobustnessIntuit, San Diego
Perl_Harness_WOPR3_SabourinA Perl Based HL7 Harness to Support Load Generation and Bug IsolationRob Sabourin
Developing an Effective Performance Testing StrategyRoss Collard
Performance Testing as a Full Lifecycle ActivityJulian Harty
How and Why I Used Rational Robot (VuC) to Support High Volume Functional TestingMike Kelly
Network Realism in TestingPhilip Joung
Testing Command & Control Systems: A Recipe for SuccessChris Johnson
Where and How Performance Testing Made a Difference for the Common Operating Environment (COE)Gail Rutherford
WOPR3 - Experiences with Load Testing ToolsParker House Hilton, Chicago
Building Robust SoftwareRoss Collard
Dealing with Pre Examination Stress TestRob Sabourin
Increasing Performance Testing Effectiveness: Techniques for Reducing Test Cycle Time and Increasing Value per Test CycleRichard LeekeEquinox
Large Scale SPVC ATM NetworkPaul Holland
Realism in Testing: Lessons Re-Learned about Modeling for Trustworthy ConclusionsScott Barber
Engaging the Development Team When Running Performance TestsDawn Haynes
NTLM Authentication: Supported by OpenSTA...except when...Antony Marcano
Selecting a Performance Testing ToolRoland Stens
WOPR2 - Where and How Performance Testing Has Made a DifferenceSun Microsystems, Santa Clara, CA
ATM Switched Services VerificationPaul Holland
Accounting for User Abandonment in Performance TestsScott Barber
Benchmarking Blunders and Things That Go Bump in the NightNeil Gunther
Determining the Test Focus Through Risk AssessmentRoss Collard
HP-UX Stress Testing: Improving Customer ExperiencePam Holt
Measuring End-to-End ThroughputDave Liebreich
Security Testing: Better Testing with a Hacker's MentalityJulian Harty
WOPR1 - Realism in TestingHQ Global, NYC
Automation TechniquesPaul Holland
Developing The Test Workload: Use of Formal ProfilesRoss Collard
From Realism to Reality: Making the Case for Performance EngineeringDave Jewell
Getting Things Done: Practical Web/e-Commerce Application Stress TestingRob Sabourin
Using Performance Testing for Capacity Planning
Roland Stens

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