WOPR7 was held in Exeter, England on October 12-14, 2006, and was hosted by Transition Consulting. Julian Harty and Antony Marcano were the Content Owners.


James Bull, James Dobson, Dan Downing, Rachida El-Maroui, Richard Florance, Ainars Galvans, Antony Gorman, Julian Harty, Paul Holland, Antony Marcano, Gordon McKeown, Raymond Rivest

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Theme: Agile Performance Testing

Every few years there is a new buzzword that the industry latches onto. Once upon a time it was “Rapid”. Today, “Agile” is the buzzword of the moment. It seems as though everyone wants to have the word “Agile” in front of what they do, including many performance testers.

“Agile Performance Testing” is being discussed in various forms.

But are we all talking about the same thing…

How does agility manifest itself in the activity of performance testing?

Under what circumstances does the activity of performance testing benefit from being agile?

When is it essential that performance testing is agile?

What innovative approaches are being applied to attain agility in performance testing?

What are the challenges involved in integrating performance tests into projects using ‘Agile’ methods, such as Test Driven Development?

What specific challenges do Agile teams face when delivering both fast and functional software?

Can Agile methods apply directly to performance testing, regardless of a project’s overall methodology?

In WOPR7, we want to explore the answers to any or all of these questions and we expect to raise even more during this three day workshop.

WOPR7 is about genuine experiences in “Agile Performance Testing”. Whether the concept of ‘agility’ was the intent behind your approach, or you specifically used ‘Agile’ methods, or both, we want to hear your story.

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