Apply for WOPR

We ask people to apply to attend WOPR. We collect information during this application to learn who you are, and help us prioritize experience reports for the workshop. The form is embedded below. It has four pages, and won’t take long to fill out if you are prepared.

Here is a list of what we will ask you for:

  • Name and Contact Information (permanent email, location, Twitter and Skype handles)
  • Years of experience in engineering and testing
  • A summary of your technical context – what technologies do you work with?
  • Your bio or resume (optional)
  • An abstract of your Experience Report: 3-5 paragraphs telling us what your story is about.  You do not have to submit an abstract to apply for WOPR, but you are much more likely to be invited if you do.
  • Relevance to Theme: How does your Experience Report relate to the WOPR Theme? This is often a loose fit at best, but we are looking for stories that will help us explore the workshop’s Theme.
  • Any comments, references, etc.
  • The relevance of your Experience Report to the Theme. If you are not submitting an Experience Report, tell us what you hope to get from attending WOPR.
  • We invite you to suggest anyone else that might be interested.

Our selection criteria are weighted heavily towards practitioners, and interesting ideas expressed in WOPR applications. We welcome anyone with relevant experiences or interests. We are always looking to invite new talent, and to identify and support up-and-comers reaching intermediate levels of expertise. Please apply, and see what happens.

Most people that apply get invited at least once. Our advice is to be authentic, and communicate your thoughts clearly. Don’t give up if you are not invited to a specific WOPR. There will be future WOPRs, and your persistence will be recognized. 
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