WOPR23 Tool Survey

We polled the attendees of WOPR23 to ask them about which tools they used in the last year for load generation, analysis, and as supporting utilities. Here are the results: The attendees at WOPR23 were Kelly Adams, Emily Apsey, Piers Chamberlain, Dan Downing, Andreas Grabner, Paula Henderson, David Holt, Pam Holt, Priya Komanduri, Eric Proegler, Raymond Rivest, Scott H. Snyder, Neil Taitt, Mais Tawfik Ashkar, and Mark Tomlinson.

Reflecting on WOPR23

This guest post is from Piers Chamberlain.  Wherever we work as performance professionals, there is always a temptation to fall for the most primitive tribal model of “Us vs Them”. In my current position the “Us” is my immediate team of about 10 people, where levels of trust are high. The “Them” is any development […]

Unique format!

This guest post is from Andreas Grabner.  The unique format of this conference is what made it so special to me. Hearing about real life scenarios and also getting feedback on my real life experience report was more valuable than a lot of other conferences where you typically rush into sessions where only a small […]

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