Broadened My Perspective on Performance Escalations

This guest post is from Neil Taitt

Coming into WOPR23, I had a very narrow perspective on the theme of performance escalation. I held the view of escalations having only an upward trajectory in the reporting and power hierarchy of stakeholders. After listening to wide range of experience reports presented, I leave with a wider and more useful understanding of the roles and types of escalations. I now see performance escalation as an omni-directional tool to inform stakeholders at any level who have the ability to influence change and improve the situation.

Both exercises were great at highlighting the need for clear, unambiguous language around performance, whether it be for the purposes of escalation or communication in general. Although the theme was not a technical one, I leave WOPR23 feeling more technically versed with the wealth of knowledge shared by all participants on tooling and technologies in general.

I am very excited to put some of the ideas shared during the workshop to use in my work and context, and I look forward to staying in touch with the group for further collaboration. The WOPR format,  the collaboration of some of the brightest professionals in the performance engineering field, the willingness to share, and the dedication of the organizers and hosts made for an amazing and rewarding experience. Keep up the great work!

Neil Taitt, Manager, Performance Operations at Mxi Technologies, Ottawa, Canada

This is one of a series of posts reflecting on attendees’ experiences at WOPR23. The attendees at WOPR23 were Kelly AdamsEmily ApseyPiers ChamberlainDan DowningAndreas GrabnerPaula Henderson, David Holt, Pam HoltPriya KomanduriEric ProeglerRaymond RivestScott H. SnyderNeil TaittMais Tawfik Ashkar, and Mark Tomlinson.

Updated: October 22, 2014 — 6:53 am

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