WOPR23 Day 1 Recap

WOPR23 got off to a great start today. We have a diverse set of attendees from a variety of backgrounds, including many first-timers.

Dynatrace has proven to be a great host, with ideal facilities. We had a tour of their NOC, where they use Dynatrace to monitor their hosted synthetic load and monitoring solutions. We can’t show you any pictures, but we were impressed by what we saw.

Our first three experience reports illuminated WOPR23’s Theme from different angles, showing different ways to escalate performance results to different kinds of stakeholders.

Dan Downing started with a story about arming a business stakeholder with data to raise urgency and commitment from IT. Lessons learned from using GUI-based load scripting were shared.

Next, Neil Taitt shared his experience in proving a complex software’s scalability characteristics using a hardware vendor’s test lab. This led to a group discussion about strategies for getting attention and resources focused on technical debt.

Emily Apsey also has been working with hardware vendors lately, evaluating virtualization of GPU cards used for advanced spatial processing. The perspective of a software vendor looking to provide guidance on hardware to their customers was explored.

We also discussed the things we need to know in order to be able to determine what the most critical pieces of information are to report.

All-in-all, it was a very fruitful and stimulating first day of the workshop. We’re looking forward to more great content the rest of this week.

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Updated: August 13, 2016 — 7:54 pm

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